Maryland Patient Safety Center

BIRTH Equity Maryland: Breaking Inequality Reimagining Transformative Healthcare

Maryland is committed to reducing the rate of severe maternal morbidity across the state by nearly 20% by 2026. Meeting that ambitious goal depends on changing the way health care providers hear and engage with post-partum mothers, especially Black mothers who are disproportionately impacted compared to their non-Black counterparts. These women often have been seen in a primary care office, clinic, emergency department, or other community health setting where their early symptoms are underappreciated or dismissed.
With the leadership and support of an advisory group comprised of local experts in the fields of maternal health, emergency medicine, family practice, racial bias and health care inequities, the Maryland Patient Safety Center and the Maryland Hospital Association have partnered to create educational tools for non-obstetric providers to address the substantial disparity in maternal morbidity rate for Black mothers in Maryland. This effort to help providers and patients recognize early warning signs and identify and mitigate their biases will amplify the implicit bias training and expansion of perinatal resources throughout the state.
If you would like to support this work, your donation will go directly toward our BIRTH Equity: Breaking Inequality Reimagining Transformative Healthcare project as we launch in the Spring of 2022 and continue to roll this out statewide.  Your donation will help to close the racial gap in care for Black women. 
Your donation will save lives.