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Safety Attitudes Questionnaire

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What are SAQ Users Saying?


“I can’t thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to do this survey, learn from it, and work to improve.  I really appreciate your kindness to us!  Thank you!”
“I am truly looking forward to implementing some things to improve our care and communication.  You have given us great information to use as a starting place.”
“Thank you for facilitating this survey and providing resources for us (and our teams) to make life better for all.  I found our time [with you] to be exceptionally helpful and we will keep you updated as we create and implement our action plans.  We appreciate the additional resources you provided as well.”

Looking to improve patient safety on your clinical unit and further develop a culture of safety among your team?

The Safety Attitude Questionnaire is an opportunity to provide additional support to your clinical team in identifying opportunities to improve patient safety, teamwork and staff morale so that you can enact targeted quality improvement interventions leading to improved patient safety.

A valid and reliable measure of caregiver attitudes about six patient safety-related domains including:

The questionnaire is an electronically administered 36 item Likert scale survey, which takes only 5-7 minutes to complete making it very easy to implement with your team. The Maryland Patient Safety Center will create a personalized electronic survey link for your unit, share an email script with the link embedded that you could send out via email to members of your team. The MPSC team will analyze and score your survey data and provide you with a detailed report of sub scale and item scores.   Once data analysis is complete the MPSC team will schedule a time to meet with you to review the results and discuss opportunities to connect you with other resources which could be used to close the patient safety gaps identified, build a culture a safety, and drive improvements on your unit.

What you will receive:

A personalized electronic survey link and email script to easily share with your team

A detailed report which outlines your team’s item and subscale scores, strengths and weakness, as well as recommendations for improvement which can be shared with your clinical staff, providers and or executive leadership team

A one-hour consultation with safety experts from the Maryland Patient Safety Center, who will review the results of your safety survey with you and discuss opportunities to connect with and leverage training opportunities

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